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Camp Statistics
Teleophthalmology Statistics Form October 2003 to July 2021
S.No Details Nos
01 Total no. of teleophthalmology camps 6564
02 Total no. of teleophthalmology consultation and expert opinion consultation 53573
03 Total no. of patients who underwent complete ophthalmology examination 645573
04 Total no. of school children who underwent vision screening 11680
05 Total no. of general public who benefited due to awareness 38627
06 Total no. of people who benefited due to enumeration at villages 50357
07 No. of school children benefited due to the awareness 9139
08 No. of teachers benefited due to the awareness 459
09 No. of spectacles issued 17510
TOTAL NO.OF PATIENTS BENEFITED SO FAR: 7,10,826 (Complete eye examination and teleconsultation)
In the future, mobile teleophthalmology camps hold great potential to improve affordability in health care in rural India.
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