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Quality of Life After Surgery at JCOC
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Results (Quality of Life)
Name: E.Pattu
Age: 85 years old
Residence: Tandalam village, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu
Occupation: Fruit Vendor
Before Surgery: She was unable to continue her job. Not able to walk on the road. Unable to identify currency notes.
After Surgery: She is able to look after herself. Resumed her fruit vending business as a hawker. Respected in her family.

Name: Annamma
Age: 61 years
Residence: Pudu Colony, Aranvoyal, Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu
Occupation: Agricultural labourer
Before Surgery: Could not see enough towork and stopped accepting assignments.
After Surgery: She is receiving assignments reqularly and contributing to the family kitty.

Name: Gothandam
Age: 59 years
Residence: Nambi Nagar, Poonamallee, Tiruvallur District Tamil Nadu
Occupation: Auto-rickshaw driver
Before Surgery: Not able to drive in the night. Found it difficult to support his family.
After Surgery: Is able to drive both during night and daytime. Feels useful to his family.

Name: Kesavan
Age: 67 years
Residence: Pattabiram, Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu
Occupation: Mobil tea stall vendor.
Before Surgery: Found it difficult to take care of his business.
After Surgery: Restarted his business Able to support his family.

Name: Rajammal
Age: 62 years
Residence: Pattabiram, Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu
Occupation: Housewife
Before Surgery: She had to employ outsiders to look after the cattle.
After Surgery: She is able to maintain cows very well. Family status has significantly improved.

Name: Nirmala
Age: 24 years
Residence: Sathy Nagar, Pandeswaram, Tiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu
Occupation: Labourer
Before Surgery: She was not able to get married due to poor vision.
After Surgery: Happily married and blessed with a child. She is also able to get short assignments and earn for her family.

Quality of Life

Summary of Results
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